Become part of the world-renowned cruise operator in the Asia Pacific, Star Cruises. We provide our crew with a memorable experience of integrating work and play while traveling the world. More than scenic destinations, it’s the journey that adds the most value: the journey towards growing your career, skills that will help you to reach your full potential, unique opportunities only provided outside the confines of a four-walled office, and the freedom to learn about more cultures and meet new people.

Our strong commitment to being the best in world class service and facilities has been reflected in a host of recognitions and accolades received over the years, including being inducted in the "Travel Hall of Fame" after only nine years and winning "Best Cruise Operator in the Asia Pacific" for 10 consecutive years. As Asia’s Leading Cruise Line, we are committed to build a strong foundation not only for our guests but also for our crew. We create a culture of family and develop positive relationships. Traveling for months on a ship builds lasting friendships among crew through common experiences and opportunities.

We want people who share our values. We want passionate and committed individuals who perform well in a team. We want those who have genuine concern and truly care, not just for the guests, but for everyone onboard.

We want to build a family away from home. We want to create a warm environment on board that is conducive to rest and relaxation and provide the most idyllic escape for our guests. We want crew who embody these traits as we sail across Asia.

At Star Cruises, we hold our values close to our hearts. This is what has made us what we are today. As we expand our reach in the coming years, we want the commitment of providing world class service to resonate with everyone in the team. You might be that person we are looking for. We want you in our team. We want you to be part of our family.

Join Star Cruises today and embark on the biggest adventure of your life!